Ouverture du TEDxAix

par Nicolas, le 9 mai 2014

Welcome to TEDxAix, a TEDx event

Vidéo d’ouverture


Steve Jobs’ Heres To the Crazy Ones

Laurent Choain et Anne-Juliette Hermant

Les Crazy Ones ont pensé a tout sauf à une chose : il n’y a jamais eu de TED « x » à Aix.
Nous avons une éducation assez conformiste et pourtant aujourd’hui nous voulons imaginer une autre éducation que celle reçue : « Unlearn patterns to learn new ones ».


Steve Fiehl

How the digital revolution is changing learning

The cult of the leader is dead. Digital is bringing a revolution in the way we learn and that will bring a new culture of leadership.
10 000 000 people are following a MOOC, learning by themselves and having access to free educational resources online.
It brings about 4 revolutions :
– Access to knowledge,
– The relationship to expertise,
– The relationship to education,
– The relationship to authority.

Gutemberg brought knowledge public and the internet has brought the knowledge outside of selves. We should be learning something just in time rather than just in case. Message to the children around the world : Free yourselves, take ownership of your own learning, become self-learners.