3 Ways to Get Into Your Dream Job

3 Ways to Get Into Your Dream Job

If you have recently found yourself out of work I know how you feel. You are anxious, worried, and downright scared. This is a natural feeling to have when you are out of work. You are not alone. Many people feel this way. And it’s okay.

On the other hand, when you are in a position where you are happy with your work but your salary is lower than you made in the past, it is easy to panic. You wonder what you’re going to do. You start to daydream.

urgently need to find a job right away. You make a list of your job skills, current industries that utilize those skills and contact everyone you know who may be able to help you.

What happens when you wait for your dream job to manifest? You get bored. You think about what you could do with your experience. You can’t work on your potential because you have become comfortable in your comfort zone at work. You aren’t challenged by anything. You haven’t grown at all.

To bring you out of this comfort zone, I would like to share with you three things that can help you move forward quickly toward your dream job.

  1. Get in touch with your passion. When you are passionate about something, time and work drain away. You become fervent about your dream job.icing your passion will quickly show up in your actions and habits.

One means of getting into touch with your passion is by practicing. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself without overly indulging or too much. Be willing to practice living and working on your passion. This will move you toward a job that will be satisfying.

Another way to get in touch with your passion is to tell people about it. You can do this by writing about your passion, discussing it with others, and asking for help to implement it in your life.

Use any means possible to get in touch with your passion, whether it is networking, reading books, listening to the audio, or discussing it with a mentor. If you practice these things and continually strive for it, your passion will become yours automatically.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary actions and behaviors. The busy world we live in today makes it necessary for us to act in a multitude of ways. This can be overly stressful and often counterproductive. It is important to eliminate behaviors that are unrelated to your passion, like many of the selfish actions that are customary today.

Another thing that can help you remove transaction costs is to become elementally inclined. This simply means that you do things that contribute to the sum of the experience you have for the organization. This concept minimizes the friction that costs a company in terms of transactions.

  1. Put an emphasis on developing networks. Business is now conducted in a very dynamic manner. A network has to be constantly updated regarding who, what, where, when, and how. Different organizations have different business processes, which generate different sets of contacts.

Since making a contact is a relatively simple task, a network becomes vital. This inevitably requires that you call upon people for advice. You must seek advice and counsel from a variety of sources. Prior to contacting anyone, you must be fully aware of the contact’s specialty. You must also identify the source of the information, which can be very broad or precise.

  1. Be willing to listen. Lots of people want to speak about past experiences. Actually, the experience itself is a source of excusive evidence. However, the deciding factor is what the person says about the experience. If he says he has no experience at all, then you can assume that he has failed.

Normally a recruiter would conduct initial screening contacts such as the contact lens exam, before getting to the actual hiring contact. Your task is simply to get them to throw in some names. Once you identify those who are likely to be the right people for the hiring process, you can simply ask for their contact information in order to conduct a more detailed screening process.

One final step is to be very cautious and meticulous in your process. Follow the directions carefully. If you make a wrong decision, you may be Rigged by your desire to be ‘On the Spot’. It may the situation, but if you follow the correct procedure you will be viewed as being smarter than some.