Top 5 Diamond ring styles that people love

Top 5 Diamond ring styles that people love

Diamond rings are one of the finest pieces of jewelry that women can wear to enhance their look. A good diamond ring can be perfectly blended with all sorts of look, including casual, or wedding. However, as there are numerous diamond cuts, it is hard to find the best diamond rings that would perfectly go with your style.Today, we will discuss about the top 5 diamond ring styles that people love.

Diamond ring styles: Top 5 Styles to know about

Below-specified are the top 5 diamond ring styles that everyone loves, and can make you the center of attention.

Low set solitaire rings

Low set solitaire rings are one of the simplest yet elegant diamond rings. These rings consist of a diamond place at the center of the ring. The diamond is secured by the four tiny metal claws. The diamond attached to the ring resides low on the ring, which makes it hard for it to get damage.

As the diamond sits low on the ring, it is less prone to damage, and is ideal for people who are active. Other than that, the ring’s structure is itself mesmerizing, and can perfectly go with casual outfits.

Petite Diamond Ring

Petite diamond ring is another one of the best diamond ring styles. It is one of the most popular side stone rings. The ring has a larger diamond in the center with three Pavé-set diamonds on either side of the larger stone.

In addition, the three pavé-set diamonds are placed on the band of the ring, which makes it look hypnotic. The side diamonds make your outfit standout, and helps you appear bolder. The ring also comes in 14K yellow gold, which helps you achieve a stylish look.

Tension set solitaire rings

Tension set solitaire rings, as the name implies consists of a diamond at the center, which is held by the tension from the metal band. The ring has a minimalist design, which makes the diamond appear larger, and more visible.

This diamond ring is perfect for those who believe less is more. It is an aesthetically pleasing ring, which helps you achieve that graceful-yet-modern look.

Eternity diamond ring

Eternity diamond ring come in a white gold color, which looks absolutely enthralling. The ring has perfectly round diamonds having brilliant cuts. All these diamonds are arranged in pavé setting. This makes the ring look more valuable than it actually is.

Diamond cluster rings

Diamond cluster rings are the rings having numerous small diamonds set closely with each other, in a cluster. The main benefit of this ring is that it allows you to have any design you require. As the diamonds are arranged in clusters, the ring looks luxurious, and spellbinding.

Other than that, small diamonds cost less per carat. It means you can have one of the most stylish rings at a significantly lower price. You can wear the ring at work, parties, or even when traveling check Diamond Price.


The above-specified are the top 5 diamond ring styles that people love.